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As a Dutch travel photographer, I must confess that I photograph very little in the Netherlands. The windmills in Kinderdijk have never really attracted me. As a straightforward Limburger, living in Spain, I did enjoy going to Zoutelande when I still lived in the Netherlands. But when I photographed, it was usually in the Meuse Valley in the Dutch Belgian border area.

For a project of the municipality of Stein, I photographed for a book to illustrate the local national anthem. Under the title “Maaskenjt Leed,” I made a video production and photographed the beauty of the Maas Valley.

The target audience for these photos is anyone who wants to see the beauty of the Meuse Valley. The images introduce you to the unique landscape, tranquility and atmosphere of this beautiful region. From rolling hills to meandering rivers, the Meuse Valley has it all.

Due to my limited photography at home, I still want to touch the beauty of the Netherlands. This is to inspire people to explore their own country. It is often the case that we forget how beautiful our own country can be because we are always focused on exotic destinations abroad. But the Netherlands has so much to offer, both in terms of nature and culture.

The Meuse Valley is an area I personally love to return to. The serene landscapes and picturesque villages will not make you forget where your roots are.

As a travel photographer, I have had the privilege of visiting and capturing many different places around the world. But the feeling of being home and knowing you’ve found something special in your own backyard is often just as wonderful.

So, if you are looking for inspiration for your next photo trip or just want to enjoy beautiful images of Holland, take a look at my portfolio.

Discover the hidden pearls of the Netherlands and be enchanted by the Meuse Valley!