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On Sept. 12, a magnificent spectacle takes place in the Algau, southern Germany: the shepherds take the cows from the pasture. First the animals mixed up in the mountains and now they come to the valley, where they go to their owner’s stable. Sorting the animals was a great experience and I was there with my cameras.

In addition to this spectacle, there is celebration throughout the village. Complete with a huge marquee and live music. Will you be in the area on Sept. 12? Then don’t miss this!

As a photographer, I was privileged to capture this wonderful event. My photos give a unique insight into traditional cattle farming in Bad Hindelang.

An ancient tradition

Cattle herding is a centuries-old tradition still cherished in Bad Hindelang and surrounding regions. Every year at the end of summer, the cows are returned to the valley after spending a period at high altitude on the alpine pasture. This is not only a practical necessity, but also a special cultural event involving the entire community.

The shepherds start early in the morning to gather the cows. Using traditional methods and calls, the cows are herded together and led down narrow mountain paths. It is an impressive sight to see hundreds of cows moving in formation, accompanied by experienced herdsmen.

A unique photo opportunity

As a photographer, I was fascinated by this spectacle and wanted to capture this special event with my cameras. I was fortunate to stand in strategic locations where I had the best view of the herd passing by. Sorting out the animals was especially interesting, as each owner can recognize their own characteristics about their cows and separate them accordingly.

The colorful collars and bells worn by some of the cows add even more visual appeal to my photos. Each animal has its own personality and this is reflected in this wonderful tradition.

The festive aspect

After all the cows are sorted and taken to the barn, the party begins in Bad Hindelang. The whole village comes together to celebrate this special day. There is a huge marquee where you can enjoy traditional food, admire local crafts and listen to live music.

It is a great opportunity to experience the local culture and be part of a community that values its traditions. Whether you love photography, culture or just a good party, this event has something for everyone.

Come to Bad Hindelang on Sept. 12!

If you’re in the area on Sept. 12, make sure not to miss this unique spectacle. The cattle drive in Bad Hindelang is an experience you won’t soon forget. Be enchanted by the beautiful cows, enjoy the vibrant village festival and get to know the local culture.

My photos offer a glimpse of this special event and I would like to invite you to view them. They capture the beauty, tradition and vibrancy of cattle farming in Bad Hindelang.

So come to Bad Hindelang on Sept. 12 and experience it for yourself!