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Hong Kong

Hong Kong – My fascinating journey to a metropolis

I recently combined my trip to Hong Kong with a visit to Singapore. Both cities are huge metropolises and although they are far away from my ideal hometown, I find them incredibly fascinating. The bustle and vibrancy of these cities reminds me of the behavior of ants wriggling through the streets.

In Hong Kong, people are always busy and on the go. Photography in this city seems endless. You could take years to capture all the places of interest. Standing at the bottom of the harbor, you look up to huge skyscrapers that dominate the skyline. But if you go up into the mountains, for example to The Peak, you actually look down on these impressive skyscrapers from above. This contrast is almost bizarre and makes for a unique experience.

Hong Kong, to me you are a mysterious city where there is still much to discover. My photo gallery is for anyone interested in my experiences and images of this fascinating metropolis.