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Of course, Slovenia was not allowed
missing from our Balkan docu

Welcome to my photo gallery about Slovenia! In this Balkan docu we naturally wanted to include Slovenia, since it was an important part of the former Yugoslavia. In fact, it was the richest part of this country.

Potica - A culinary highlight

During our visit to Slovenia, we were lucky enough to photograph the preparation of the Potica at Nada. Potica is a traditional Slovenian pastry made with different fillings, such as walnuts, raisins, chocolate and more. It is a culinary highlight of Slovenia and an absolute must-taste during your visit.

Velina Planika
A breathtaking mountain landscape

Another highlight of our trip to Slovenia was visiting the Velina Planika. These mountain peaks offer breathtaking views of Slovenia’s unique landscape. Here you will also find the characteristic wooden shepherd’s huts that are so typical of this area. It felt like we had traveled back in time.

Organic honey from local beekeepers

During our stay in the village of Šentožbolt, we had the chance to meet a beekeeper and photograph his organic honey. Slovenia is known for its rich natural resources and so is their honey. The beekeeper told us passionately about his bee colonies and how important they are for maintaining biodiversity in this area.

An unforgettable experience

Our time in Slovenia was absolutely unforgettable. From tasting delicious dishes like the Potica, to exploring the beautiful mountains and learning about the special honey production of local beekeepers. Slovenia has so much to offer for nature lovers and adventurers.

If you are interested in my photo gallery of Slovenia, I would like to invite you to take a look at my website. You will be amazed at the beauty this country has to offer.