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Thanks to our guide Goyo Garrido

I now live in Spain and my experiences here are truly unique. From Valencia to Granada and from Granada along the N340 to Conil de la Frontera, I was able to capture countless special moments during my travels. Thanks to our guides Silvia Marcos and Goyo Garrido, I had the opportunity to photograph dozens of subjects to compile a wonderful photo gallery of Spain.

Sacramonte Granada

One of the highlights was attending a flamenco performance in Granada at Guro Albazine in Sacramonte. The passion and emotion expressed during this performance were truly enchanting. It was as if I could look directly into the soul of Spain through my camera.

Bakery in Alfacar

During my trip, I also discovered artisans who still braid Spanish baskets in the traditional way. In an old bakery in Alfacar, I met artisans who proudly practiced their centuries-old craft. Their skill and dedication were truly admirable.

The Guitar Builder

Another unforgettable encounter was with famous guitar maker Daniel Gil de Avalle. His passion for music and craftsmanship was evident in every instrument he created. It was a privilege to be able to visit his workplace and witness his creative process.

Sierra Nevada

We also visited the Geo Parc Granada de Sierra Nevada, where you can enjoy various activities in both summer and winter. In the summer it is scorching hot here and you can enjoy hiking or biking through the breathtaking landscape. In winter, the area turns into a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts, with excellent ski facilities.

Not just sun, sea and beach

Spain is certainly not only known for its sun, sea and beaches. The country has so much more to offer, ranging from cultural treasures to beautiful natural landscapes. With my photo gallery, I want to introduce anyone interested in Spain to these special aspects of the country.

Explore diversity

Whether you are looking for inspiration for your next travel destination or just want to enjoy beautiful photos, my Spain photo gallery has something for everyone. Discover the diversity and beauty of this fascinating country and be enchanted by all that Spain has to offer.

Half-motion video
Semana Santa - Conil de la Frontera

For me, one of the most impressive events in my hometown of Conil de la Frontera; The processions during Easter week. Semana Santa. In this 7-minute half-motion video, I take you through the devotion of this procession.