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From Fork to Bracelet

Corona time brought a unique experience during my recent reportage in Italy. Normally, as a photographer, I like to crawl into the capillaries of society to capture real life. But this time there was only distance, empty streets and deserted squares. Although this initially seemed disappointing, I soon discovered that it also brought enormous benefits.

For example, who has ever been able to photograph the railway station in Naples completely empty? Who has had the opportunity to take a picture in a square without other people in view? Precisely because of the corona measures, I had the opportunity to capture unique images that would normally be impossible.

One of the highlights during my trip was the lost village of Craco. It is a large ruin, but for a photographer it is a wonderful subject. I deliberately captured the series I did here in black and white, just because I liked it. The contrast between the dilapidated village and the monochrome images gave a special atmosphere to the photographs.

Through my images, I want to take you on a visual journey through unique locations. Whether you are interested in architecture, history or simply curious about what these places look like without the crowds of tourists, my photos offer a glimpse into a different side of Italy.

In short, although my reportage in Italy did not seem to be a success due to coronagraphs, it ultimately led to unique opportunities to capture special images. My photographs show the beauty of empty streets and deserted squares in Naples and bring back to life the lost village of Craco. I invite you to travel with me and discover these beautiful places through my photography.